Kent Schools Cross Country Championships

Kent Schools’ Cross-Country Championships Saturday 18th January 2020.

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Dover CT15 5EQ


We are very grateful to The Duke of York’s School for hosting our event this year. As this is an M.O.D. site there are special requirements that must be adhered to. Please ensure you follow all the rules and requests of the school.

Entry procedure

Entry for this event is by a district competition or nomination by your school to the district coordinator.

District coordinators are responsible for selection decisions and submitting entries.

All schools must be affiliated through their district to KSAA.

District coordinators must have entered their eligible athletes by 5th December 2019.

The names of all entered athletes will appear on the website from 9th-18th December 2019.

Districts may make adjustments to their team lists during this time.

No entries will be made after 18th December 2019.

All athletes should check their entry and if there is an issue, should contact their school P.E department in the first instance.

It is expected that eligible athletes will be proactive in ensuring they have been entered by the stated deadline.

No new entries will be allowed on the day of competition. If in doubt about your entry please check with your district co-ordinator before travelling.

Entry Fee

To help cover the cost of this event, there will be an athlete entry fee of £2 which will be collected on the day of competition.

Cancellation of event

If this becomes necessary, all district co-ordinators will be informed and a notice will be put on the website by Thursday 16th January 2020.


The security gate will be manned and there will be number plate recognition cameras in operation.

All cars will be directed to appropriate spaces, so please follow instructions from the stewards to ensure maximum use of the area.

Please allow sufficient time to park and register for your race as there may be some congestion at peak periods.

Please consider car sharing where possible to ease the impact on the school environment.

Cars are parked at owners’ risk. Neither the school or KSAA accept any responsibility.

School Premises

No athlete / spectator to arrive before 8.45am.

The school will be in session with lessons and activities throughout the day so registration, course, toilets and refreshments are in a defined area. ALL OTHER AREAS ARE OUT OF BOUNDS. PLEASE DO NOT STRAY.

Adhere to speed limits in the school grounds and be aware of children on the roads.

Do not climb on or use the assault structures in the start field.

Make every effort to keep the school site clean and as free from mud as possible. This also includes the car park.

No dogs allowed on the school site.

This is a NO SMOKING school.

Race Times

Event Time Course Distance
Year 7 Girls 10.45 Loops A and C 2550 Metres
Year 7 Boys 11.05 Loops B and C 3000 Metres
Inter/Sen. Girls (Yr10+) 11.45 Loops C and C 4000 Metres
Sen. Boys (Yr12/13) 12.15 Loops B, C, C and C 7000 Metres
Refreshments and Break      
Inter Boys (Yr10/11) 13.10 Loops C, C and C 6000 Metres
Jun. Girls (Yr8/9) 13.40 Loops A, A and C 3100 Metres
Jun. Boys (Yr8/9) 14.05 Loops C and C 4000 Metres

The course will be really suited to spikes/studs, as totally on grass.

Loop B includes most of Loop A, and Loop C includes most of A and B.

The course has to fit in around the schools pitches, and so it may be necessary to change parts of the course, especially the Start and Finish if ground conditions require.

The Course